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Extremely Important Area to Never Overlook
    Crawlspaces are usually the area that water will eventually take the path of least resistance and end up attacking the sub floor, joists, and insulation. Atlantic Water Damage llc checks every square foot of your crawlspace to find and isolate the problem. If a crawlspace is not thoroughly checked for moisture it can cause one or more serious problems.

Compromising Structural Integrity
Foul Odor
Water Rot & Dry Rot
Mold & Mildew
Increased Energy Bills due to Fallen Insulation
Cross Contamination from Wet Ducting
Lower the value of home and prevent a sale

Moisture Detection Equipment
   We have an array of moisture detecting equipment to check moisture levels in the crawlspace. Sub floors and joists are tested to see if they are at acceptable moisture levels and if structural drying is needed in that area. Insulation is hand checked to see if any moisture has trapped itself inside and also to visually check the backside of the sub floor for any signs of mold or fungi growth. Thermal Imaging cameras scan the entire crawl space seeking out the smallest trace of hidden moisture and mold.

Services offered
    Atlantic Water Damage offers very affordable pricing and goes above and beyond to make sure the job is done right and you are completely satisfied. Crawlspaces are treated with special industry leading products to remove mold. We also offer fungicidal sealants to apply to your crawlspace joists and sub floor resisting water and preventing future mold growth. When crawlspaces are wet we deploy commercial dehumidifiers that duct hot, dry air throughout. Hepa negative air scrubbers may also be utilized in certain situations to filter and purify air. We also install new insulation and it may then be a great time to upgrade to a thicker, more energy efficient insulation.

   Call us 24/7 in New Jersey to discuss how we can provide mold remediation and drying services in your crawlspace saving the value of your home and protecting your family's safety. The longer you delay can lead to expensive structural wood replacing and unsanitary living conditions within your home.

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Insulation Removal & Installation

Dehumidifiers & Hepa Air Scrubbers

Moisture & Vapor Barrier Installed

Moisture Detection of Insulation & Structure

Mold Remediation of Joists & Sub Floor
Sanitize Using Top Shelf Antimicrobial Sprays

Odor Control