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   Don't be scared without knowing the facts. We are a local business and help our customers out in every way possible, from a thorough check and inspection, to providing several options you can choose from. It may be as simple as cleaning with our industry leading mold products or as technical as removing drywall, trim, carpet, and replacing. Atlantic Water Damage llc also installs drywall and does complete repairs if needed, this way you deal with one professional company from start to finish.

   Basements are notorious for permitting ideal conditions for mold growth whether finished or not. They tend to me have a higher relative humidity than your upper main levels of structure. Also, cracks in foundations allow water intrusion to congregate behind walls and protrude outwards affecting drywall, carpet, structural wood. Sump pumps that fail or cant keep up with rainwater from Nor-Easters or big storms can allow several inches or a couple of feet of unwelcome water to settle. If identified quickly and with the water damage restoration services we provide, mitigation of water can prevent the growth of mold. However if not caught quickly and the presence of mold has taken residence in your basement we offer quality and reliable solutions to remediate and repair your damage. We service all of New Jersey and are experts in basement water and mold removal.

    We utilize industry leading equipment, from Phoenix Hepa Negative Air Scrubbers to Commercial Grade Dri-eaz Dehumidifiers. Hi tech moisture sensors and thermal imaging cameras can seek out the smallest trace of hidden moisture. Containment of affected area is crucial as we can not allow the working area to cross contaminate to additional locations of your residence. In some instances  furniture and items can be salvaged with our cleaning procedures. When contents or stored items must be discarded due to mold damage, our staff removes them from your basement and residence if required.
   If you are thinking about buying a house or selling your home and have a mold growth, do not worry. What you may think is a complete disaster is more than likely just another routine day for us. We encourage you to call us anytime day and night and tell us about what you saw or are concerned about.

   Affordable pricing and expert service is what you can expect when dealing with Atlantic Water Damage llc. We guarantee you will receive the best price in New Jersey and receive the most thorough and professional experience. Do not ponder any longer! Call our 24 hour phone numbers and talk to a friendly and informative specialist. Any time is a great time for us to help out our local customers and bring a sense of comfort for unexpected problems in your basement or home. Call us now for basement mold removal in NJ. Thank You.